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In The Light Homes LLC. If you are visually impaired. Please call 509.412.2058 and I will personally assist you through our website and services.

In The Light Homes LLC

Our main focus is pricing and listing properties for sale, and we do this "in the light". Meaning, everything we do is with transparency, honesty, integrity and truth. When it comes to property values, we don't exaggerate numbers to make your property seem like it's worth more than it is, nor do we undercut its value in order to make a quick sale. Rather, we perform a very thorough search of the real estate market in order to determine an accurate price. We then present our findings to you, so you can make a decision based upon results you have seen.

In addition to helping sellers, we also work with buyers. And of course, we do this "in the light". Meaning, our main goal as your agent is to make sure you are purchasing the best property for your situation. We aren't going to push you to make an offer that you aren't comfortable with, nor will we pressure you into purchasing something you are unsure about. Jesus taught us to "treat others how we want to be treated" (Matt 7:12), and we believe this.


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